Your Bullmastiff and Winter season.

Those dog owners who live in places where winter season is snowy and cold always worry about their pets. Dog owners should know that it is very important to keep their pets safe and warm during frosty days. Winter months bring with them, lower temperatures, snow, ice, cold moisture and many different safety issues for you to consider.

We suggest reading the following tips to survive cold weather with maximum possible comfort:

  • The first issue you should consider is the place where your dog will be kept. We recommend you to bring dog inside the house when the temperature is really low. It will be much safer for your dog. Moreover you will be at ease knowing your dog is completely safe and comfortable. Those dog owners who have very young puppies or old dogs should never kept them outside without supervision. Dogs that have short coats like Bullmastiff will feel more comfy when they do go outside if you put them in a sweater or other warm clothes, like when taking them out for a walk.
  • Second issue you should definitely worry about is wind-chill. It is very dangerous for a Bullmastiff. If you keep your dog outside you must protect it by providing it with a doghouse. It must be large and comfortable. Your pet should be able to sit and to lie down comfortably in it. But it should not be huge 'cause doghouse should hold in the dog's body heat. Raise up the floor of the doghouse by a few inches off the ground and cover it with cedar shavings or fresh, clean straw. The doorway should be covered with waterproof burlap or a very heavy plastic for protection from the weather elements. Mind the fact that the doghouse should face away from the wind.
  • It is necessary to feed your Bullmastiff more food if it spends much time outside when it is cold. To keep itself warm the dog should it more 'cause keeping warm in the cold weather takes a lot of energy and energy requires more food. Do not forget to give your dog fresh, unfrozen water. This should be done several times a day.
  • If you live in rural area where there are a lot of outdoor animals that can freely roam make sure  before starting the engine to scare away any animal that may have taken refuge under your hood for warmth.
  • There are another safety issue that some pet owners forget or not aware of during the cold weather months. It is antifreeze. It is dangerous liquid that can kill your dog if it licks the antifreeze. The antifreeze will smell and taste good to the dog. Remember if you spill any antifreeze, wipe it up immediately.
  • And the last but not least safety issue is when you place salt or other chemicals on concrete to prevent slippage. These chemicals can easily get on your dog's paws and irritate your pet's mouth when the paws are licked. To prevent this, wipe the dog's paws with a damp towel when they come in from outside. You can also find de-icing products that are made to be safe for dogs to walk on.

If you want to let your dog inside but you are afraid that when the weather is warm your pet will refuse to stay outside you should think of the fact that dogs are social animals and they really want to be inside with the family any time of year, but especially on cold weather days and nights. Your dog deserves to be safe and warm inside with you. Do nor fear to let your dog in. It will be grateful to you. A few days of efforts and your dog willingly will stay outside on a sunny day.

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