Grooming a Bullmastiff is quick and easy thing. Tips.

Bullmastiffs are very strong, friendly, devoted, protective and excellent guard dogs. They are able to hold off intruders exerting huge power and physical force. They are safe around children and enjoy playing with them. It is intelligent breed, but needs training. Another good feature of this dog that it has easy grooming regimen. It will be enough if once a month you will make general grooming and every 8 to 12 weeks full grooming of your Bullmastiff.

You can hear that the Bullmastiff is a "wash and wear" breed. It is true. Their short coats don't need a lot of care, still it will be very good if you do a quick daily brushing to remove dead hair and keep their coats shiny. Like all dogs, this breed requires proper and regular cleaning of ears and teeth. Do not forget about their toenails they should be kept short. If you forget about these areas this may lead to ear infections, flattened pasterns, splayed feet and expensive tooth removal. Please, mind that.

What you will need for Grooming:
  • scissors

  • rubber brush

  • conditioner and shampoo

  • talcum powder

  • cotton pads

  • eye make-up remover


  • Scissors will help you to clip the dog's whiskers if it is needed.

  • During the bath remove extra shed hair by brushing the dog's coat with a rubber brush. It is not that difficult 'cause Bullmastiffs don't shed very much hair.

  • Shampoo your dog and then apply a final coat conditioner. It improves your dog's general appearance. Rub it gently into the coat of your dog and brush it in as evenly as you can. To prevent the skin problems of your pet we recommend to shampoo the dog not very often.

  • When drying a coat brush it with a hound brush.

  • Do not forget to clean dog's furrows. Apply eye make-up remover on a cotton pad and clean thoroughly the furrows of your pet.

  • After the bath dry dog's furrows. To prevent skin irritation apply talcum powder within the furrows.

  • Cut the dog's nails regularly and check his feet often to make sure they are in good condition.
We hope these tips will help you to take care of your Bullmastiff. Your dog will pay you back with love and devotion for proper care of him.

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