Bringing home a Bullmastiff puppy. Safety first!

Bringing home a young puppy is like brining newborn. There are a lot of specially designed gadgets to proof your house. You should act like parents of a curious baby. Your home should become safe environment for your little puppy. It doesn't mean that you should buy all tools and gadgets today market offer. What you really need is to think of places that may endanger the health and safety of your little friend.

Think of a new Bullmastiff puppy as you would of a human infant. All Bullmastiff puppies are curious, inquisitive, and devoid of the learning experiences that help them to stay away from harmful substances or dangerous situations. Puppies same as little babies can eat things they should not, sniff and touch substances that may be harmful, and climb onto furniture only to take a potentially painful fall.

If you are lucky owner of a Bullmastiff puppy we suggest reading the following tips to prevent accidents involving a puppy that may occur.

  • The bottom cabinets in your kitchen are dangerous territory for a puppy. It is recommended to get rid of any cleaners, paints, chemicals, pesticides, and anything else that your dog may eat from those cabinets. Move out all chemical substances or up higher into different cabinets.
  • Safety latches also should be considered.
  • Remove the cat's litter box out of reach to prevent your dog from eating feces.
  • Your TV-set should be perfectly fixed. It should be done the way that your dog won't be able to move it with his paws.
  • Anything that is breakable should be kept in places out-of-reach by your dog. If lamp or vase breaks your dog may swallow little peaces and it may lead to undesirable results.  
  • Hide all your decorations, shoes, etc. dogs like to chew this kind of stuff a lot.