Diseases your Bullmastiff may suffer from. Part 1

We hope that the information below won't be ever needed. We wish long and healthy life for your Bullmastiff. But sometimes it happens that a dog falls ill. There is a list of diseases a Bullmastiff may suffer from:

Allergy is a hypersensitivity to a substance that causes the body to react to any contact with that substance.

They can be caused by:

  • food
  • fleas
  • environment (i.e., grass or pollen).
  • medecine
Symptoms you may notice:
  • red, itchy skin on the feet or groin
  • dry, flaky skin
  • excessive hair loss
  • reddened ears with a foul-smelling discharge
  • weepy, watery eyes
  • runny nose.
What you should do:
  • If you know for sure that allergy of your Bullmastiff was caused by inappropriate diet. Try change your dog's diet. Make it more natural. The food should contain a lot of mineral and vitamins. It is preferable if it would be home cooked meal than one bought at a store.
  • See a vet. It is always necessary to consult an expert in this issue. Veterinarians have several techniques available to identify allergens, such as intradermal skin testing and blood tests. A vet may prescribe antihistamines, severe cases are often treated with short-term steroids.

Bloat is an abnormal distension of the abdomen caused by accumulation of gas in the stomach. This is a very dangerous condition that may occur in any dog but is especially large, deep-chested breeds like Bullmastiffs are endangered. Bloat often occurs within a few hours of eating followed by exhausting exercise, but it can also occur under normal, daily routine.


  • Still unknown
Symptoms include:
  • abdominal distension
  • restlessness
  • pacing
  • unsuccessful attempts to vomit or pass stool
  • lethargy
Treatment your vet may prescribe:
  • First of all he will make an x-ray to confirm a diagnosis.
  • Then he may insist on "decompression" (passing a tube through the mouth to the stomach to release the gas).
  • Surgery is indicated in severe cases.

Note! We recommend Bullmastiff owners to remember signs and symptoms of bloat and if you suspect that your dog is having such you should immediately go to a vet clinic. In this case there is a high probability of saving your dog's life.