Bullmastiffs vs other dogs and cats.

A Bullmastiff and a cat

It is possible that Bullmastiff can learn how to share house with cat. Unfortunately, sometimes Bullmastiffs with a high prey drive still have the temptation to chase cats.

You as an owner should:
  • teach your dog to respect cats
  • teach your cat to respect dogs
  • from time to time check the body of your dog 'cause a  cat may scratch a dog and it will become seriously infected because cat's claws carry lots of bacteria.
Following these two recommendations you will make your life easier and happier, cause it is very good when two different kinds of animals get along.

A Bullmastiff and other dog:

Speaking about joint living of Bullmastiff together with other dogs it is worth mentioning the fact that this breed was created to work independently, bullmastiffs can be very often aggressive toward other dogs. It was noticed that males and females will get along, but a dog of the same gender with Bullmastiff will cause a lot of troubles for an owner and themselves. Even if your dogs get along for a long period of time it doesn't mean that this will continue forever. If they don't share something even toy this may make them the worst enemies.
If you are an owner of Bullmastiff and other breed of the same gender you should be prepared and know how to break fights between your dogs. A fight involving a Bullmastiff almost always means huge money spending on veterinary care. To prevent future possible fights and to save your two dogs life you should separate them.

How to introduce a Bullmastiff to a kitten.

If you have a Bullmastiff but also want to have a cat it is very important to know how to introduce new member of a family to your dog. First of all you should make a plan and arm yourself with patience. The introduction should be slow over several days.

We offer you step-by-step instruction:

  • Bring the kitten home, place it in a separate room that can't be reached by your dog. Place food, water and a litter box in the room and let your kitten familiarize itself with new place of living.
  • Allow your Bullmastiff to meet the kitten through the room door. Introduce the kitten and the Bullmastiff to each others' scents.
  • Place your dog outdoors and let the kitten come out of the room. The kitten should have time to explore the house without the dog presence.
  • When introducing a dog to a kitten for the first time use a regular dog leash to restrain a dog. Instruct your dog to sit or lay down. Let the kitten approach the dog on its own.
  • Repeat introduction as many times as necessary for both animals to become familiar with each other. When you remove the leash for the first time, your presence is necessary because cat and dog shouldn't be left together unsupervised.
It might take several days before you can leave the dog and kitten alone together, but your patience will be rewarded with pets that get along.

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