How to solve behavioral problems of your Bullmastiff

If you have opened this page then we will try to help you in this difficult and troublesome issue.
Probably your dog does things of the kind:
  • enters house without permission (happens when people live in private house)
  • chews all stuff around making huge damage to your personal things

  • steals food behind your back

  • jumps on people around

  • demands too much attention

  • watches his food or toys

  • pulls on the leash

  • belligerent towards people or other dogs

  • struggles when you try to restrain him or calm down

  • chases cats and other pets
First of all you should know that Bullmastiff is smart enough to understand you. You can solve all this problems if you start talking to your dog and let him know that there is two key words: Yes or No. It is important for a dog to understand the power of the latter one. May be it sound to simple and ineffective. But believe if you try to teach your dog to distinguish these two words your life will become much easier. This "No" word should always sound the same, your reaction to bad behavior should be the same as well. Your dog must respect you. Because without respect, your dog may comprehend things you say to him, but he doesn't want do them. If you want your dog to show respect towards you then all your every day interactions with your dog should done right. It is not that easy as you might think. Bullmastiff always observe you even when you make daily walks or pet him or simply speak to him - he is occupied with judging your tone of voice, facial expression, body language, how you're touching him, how you respond when he does "this" or "that." All these things help dogs to understand you and make general conclusion about you.

  • If your communication with your dog goes wrong way not typical for canines , he will think that even though you're a good person who cares for him, still he doesn't need to obey you. And as a result the behavioral problems occur.
  • If you communicate with your pet the right way typical for canines, he will conclude that you're not only a good person who loves him, but also a leader who must be respect. Then he will definitely obey you when you say the word "No".

  • Dogs that show respect do not misbehave. Remember this. You will definitely succeed if you exert a little effort to solve problems with your dog's behavior.