Diseases your Bullmastiff may suffer from. Part 5.

This article will give you information about orthopedic diseases. You should remember if you detect symptoms described below it may be of vital importance to consult your vet. We encourage breeders to inform new owners of Bullmastiffs about a disease they may have.

Hip and elbow dysplasia

The disease is characterized by abnormally formed joints and, quite often, accompanying degenerative osteoarthritis. In most but not all cases, the affected dogs will be quite lame. While dysplasia can be inherited, the exact mode of inheritance has not yet been established. Environmental and nutritional factors may also play a role in its development.


  • lameness
  • pain upon walking or running
  • difficulty rising
  • problems negotiating stairs
  • decreased range of motion
Your vet will insist on:
  • physical exam
  • x-rays
  • evaluations by registries such as PennHip or OFA.
  • If the diagnosis is confirmed the treatment includes:
  • surgery
  • nutritional and environmental management

Cruciate ligament injuries. Tears and ruptures in the knee, are common in this breed.

  • rear leg lameness
A severe tear will prevent the affected hind leg from bearing any weight.

Your vet will:
  • examine your dog
  • restrict exercise for several weeks
  • insist on surgery (if it is the only option).