Love and care you give to dog Articles about Bullmastiff. Part 5

What You Need to Know about Bullmastiff

Love and care you give to your dog will return a hudredfold to you

My Bullmastiff

Quick Facts and Information

  • Weight: 100 to 130 pounds
  • Height: 24 to 27 inch
  • Life expectancy: from 8 to 10 years
  • Suffers from: hip dysplasia, tumors,eyelid problems, bloating, twisted stomach and skin allergies

Bullmastiff Traits

  • Fearless, strong, powerful, alert, and capable of great endurance.
  • Credo: love and devotion to the owner
  • Two smaller meals a day is better than one large meal
  • No supplemental vitamin C is allowed
  • Recognised by The American Kennel Club (1934)
  • Country of origin: England (1800s)
If your Bullmastiff smells. Find a cause
Sometimes dogs smell neutral but when they go outside they may return very stinky. You as an owner is very disappointed because you know that the cause is definitely not a lack of grooming.
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If your Bullmastiff suffers from hair loss
Every dog owner begins to worry when he notices bald spots on his dog's body. Hair loss and shedding are real concerns for those showing dogs as well as for the average pet owner. Before buying hair loss remedy formulated for human heads an owner should consider the fact that none of these substances have been put together with a dog’s sensitive skin in mind.
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Your Bullmastiff and Winter season
Those dog owners who live in places where winter season is snowy and cold always worry about their pets. Dog owners should know that it is very important to keep their pets safe and warm during frosty days. Winter months bring with them, lower temperatures, snow, ice, cold moisture and many different safety issues for you to consider
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Quick and easy grooming. Tips.
You can hear that the Bullmastiff is a "wash and wear" breed. It is true. Their short coats don't need a lot of care, still it will be very good if you do a quick daily brushing to remove dead hair and keep their coats shiny. Like all dogs, this breed requires proper and regular cleaning of ears and teeth. Do not forget about their toenails they should be kept short. If you forget about these areas this may lead to ear infections, flattened pasterns, splayed feet and expensive tooth removal. Please, mind that.
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Pros and cons of spaying a female dog.
The term 'Hysterectomy' (or spaying/neutering) means a removal of the ovaries and uterus so that a female no longer comes into heat and cannot be bred or have puppies.
Reasons to spay your female Bullmastiff. - READ MORE!

Pros and cons of neutering a male dog.
Neutering (or castration) is the removal of the testicles so that a male can't breed or sire puppies. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that dog owners get their dogs neutered between eight and 16 weeks of age.
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Dogs and allergies.
Dogs like humans can suffer from allergies. Main sources of allergies are pollen, food, household chemicals, etc. You need to be able to recognize canine allergy symptoms to relieve your dog when he suffers.
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