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What You Need to Know about Bullmastiff

Information about origin and peculiarities of Bullmastiff breed

Aricles about your Bullmastiff

Quick Facts and Information

  • Weight: 100 to 130 pounds
  • Height: 24 to 27 inch
  • Life expectancy: from 8 to 10 years
  • Suffers from: hip dysplasia, tumors,eyelid problems, bloating, twisted stomach and skin allergies

Bullmastiff Traits

  • Fearless, strong, powerful, alert, and capable of great endurance.
  • Credo: love and devotion to the owner
  • Two smaller meals a day is better than one large meal
  • No supplemental vitamin C is allowed
  • Recognised by The American Kennel Club (1934)
  • Country of origin: England (1800s)

Bullmastiff Breed Standard
Strong, powerful, alert, active and capable of great endurance. The foundation breeding was 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. The breed was created in England by gamekeepers for protection against poachers...
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14 facts you should know about Bullmastiff
This breed of dog was created in England in the 1800s.
This breed was developed through crossing the Bulldog and Mastiff breeds.
The American Kennel Club recognised this breed officially in the year of 1934.
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Bullmastiff and aggression
Your Bullmastiff is aggressive if it growls, postures or snaps and shows teeth. Aggressive dog is very dangerous for anyone around. It may lead to a serious dog bite.
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How the Bullmastiff breed originated
The Bullmastiff breed is a combination of the Mastiff (40%) and the Bulldog (60%). England is the country where this breed was created. It happened in the mid-1800s. It is interesting fact that Bullmastiff is the only guarding breed which originated in England.
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Nature of the Bullmastiff
In the course of time character of a bullmastiff changed for the better, it became more even-tempered and predictable. Breed has adapted to a "civilization". Nowadays not onlyexperts may own this dog but also people who do not have profound knowledge of cynology.
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Hard decision
The Bullmastiff is characterised as mild-mannered and powerful breed as well as serious and self-assured one. He is afraid of nothing, and once aroused will seldom back down. Bullmastiff puppies (up to two or three years old) can be boisterous and have an aversion to keeping all four feet on the ground at the same time. Grown-up dogs are calm and quiet and need only moderate exercise to maintain their impressive muscle shape.
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