Reasons to spay your female Bullmastiff.

The term 'Hysterectomy' (or spaying/neutering) means a removal of the ovaries and uterus so that a female no longer comes into heat and cannot be bred or have puppies.

Advantages of spaying your dog

Lots of health problems that can be prevented due to spaying your female dog:

  • No uterine infections are possible. Unspayed females often suffer from pyometritis and endometritis. These infections can strike quickly and eventually kill your pet.
  • Protection against false pregnancy. Sometimes unspayed females react to their heat period by acting as if they've been bred. Their belly can get really larger and they may produce milk. Hormonal changes associated with false pregnancy can cause a real stress for your pet and can make your female more susceptible to illnesses and various infections.
  • Protection against breast cancer. Spayed females have lower chances of getting this awful disease that unspayed ones.
  • Prevents possibility of pregnancy. The process of giving birth is dangerous for a dog's life. You will spare yourself a trouble of havings lots of puppies without having any idea whom you can give them.

Spaying helps to prevent all the inconveniences and discomfort of heat periods.

  • Heat periods are a real trouble for an animal as well as for a pet's owner. During a heat period the dog's genitals swell. A dog will have a bloody discharge, which can stain her coat and your carpets, furniture and other stuff.
  • Heat periods require incessant confinement. If your dog is in heat, you can't leave her alone for a second. A female in heat can be smelled from a long distance away.
  • Heat periods can ruin your vacations, trips, etc. Your dog will try to escape. During heat periods of your dog you want be a welcome visitor. You won't be able to live your dog but you won't be able to take her with you because other people won't appreciate your coming.

License fees are lower for spayed females in many communities. You will be able to save your money.

Disadvantages of spaying.

  • Spayed dogs can put on weight. To avoid this you should remember that spayed animal requires less food than unspayed one. You can also provide quality physical exercising for your dog if you fear that she will become obese.
  • Spaying is money-spending procedure. If you can afford it then we recommend you to do it, there are more pros than cons of this procedure.
  • Spaying requires general anesthesia. Anesthesia is a risk but if your pet is in good vet's hands nothing really serious will probably happen. Your task is to talk to your dog's vet, ask him all questions you have and make conclusions whether your dog will undergo this procedure or not.