Diseases your Bullmastiff may suffer from. Part 4.

This article deals with diseases of the kind: hypothyroidism and kidney problems. You should understand that we do not give medical advice. This article is meant for you to get general knowledge about possible diseases a Bullmastiff may have and to prevent aggravating of illness.

Hypothyroidism- is the condition that results when insufficient thyroid hormones (usually T3 or T4) are produced.


  • obesity
  • lethargy
  • hair loss
  • infertility
  • abnormal heats
  • skin and coat problems
  • interdigital cysts
  • the onset of sudden aggression

Your vet will:
  • sent your dog to make a blood test
  • prescribe treatment with synthetic thyroid supplementation (if the diagnosis is confirmed).

Kidney and urinary diseases

Bullmastiffs are endangered to have chronic kidney failure. It often occurs at old age; the kidneys begin to wear out after hard work of filtering wastes from bloodstream.

Symptoms of kidney diseases:
  • frequent drinking
  • frequent urinating
  • difficulty passing urine
  • blood in the urine
  • decreased force of stream
  • vomiting
  • bad breath
Sometimes chronic kidney failure can be caused by renal diseases of the kind:

Glomerulonephritis. It is a disease in which an inflammation occurs in the internal structures of the kidney.

Renal Amyloidosis
is an accumulation of abnormal proteins in the kidneys.

Note! Chronic kidney failure can't be cured, but if you are able to detect it early enough you may manage this disease.

Cystinuria is a hereditary disease in which bladder stones form in kidney. It often afflicts males.

Your vet may insist on:
  • blood tests
  • medicine/surgical treatment.
Still it is necessary to understand that unfortunately chronic kidney failure can't be completely cured.