How the Bullmastiff breed originated

The Bullmastiff breed is a combination of the Mastiff (40%) and the Bulldog (60%).  England is the country where this breed was created. It happened in the mid-1800s. It is interesting fact that Bullmastiff is the only guarding breed which originated in England.

Breeders decided to create the same guard dog, as a mastiff, but more mobile and dexterous as a bulldog. They mixed blood of a bulldog (which is strong, persistent, imperturbable, courageous, silent and full of self-esteem) and a mastiff (which is massive, mighty, reliable, proud and extremely courageous) and there was created a bullmastiff. It was found that these dogs (metises of mastiffs, bulldogs and hounds) possess an excellent scent and capable to distinguish 500 shades of smells. It is pity that the natural scent of bullmastiffs is still undervalued. It is claimed that this breed's scent is perfect to search drugs, explosives and people who got in blockages of houses and mines.

The first bullmastiffs were extremely aggressive, spiteful and stubborn. They were very dangerous dogs. The owner of such a dog should have had strong character and huge physical force.

Bullmastiff was bred by gamekeepers in order to protect game in the estates. The bullmastiff breed perfectly served the needs of gamekeepers. The dog could easily track down a man in the forest even at the darkest night. It worked very quiet, practically noiseless, and, when the dog approached close enough it sprang to a hard charge, knocking the man down and holding him there until the gamekeeper came. This breed did its job pretty well.

Today this breed is widespread in America, Europe, the Asian countries, in Russia and is very popular among fans of reliable guard dogs. Bullmastiffs are also popular in Kenya, Kimberley (Republic of South Africa), etc.

World celebrities like Silvestre Stallone, Jean Claude Vandamme, Madonna, Adriano Celentano own Bullmastiffs.

The Bullmastiff was officially recognized as a breed in 1924.