If Bullmastiff shares a house with kids. Tips on safe living.

If you need true best friend, the Bullmastiff might become such. These large and strong dogs make excellent companions because they are devoted and protective of their owners. They will easily go with you everywhere. They will agree to be a part of everything you do cause they adore their owners. They do not crave for attention but will be very happy to have it from caring owner. They are good with children and protective of them. Joyful games with little boys and girls are what they crave for.
In general, Bullmastiffs get along with kids. They have pretty high pain tolerance, and if kids pull tail or tug ears they do not usually snap. It is highly recommended to keep in mind that the Bullmastiff is a guard dog, it was bred to protect. If you treat your dog right, if it is brought-up together with kids, it will always protect them. But when a dog feels danger coming from a kid the reaction will be respective. In situations when kids are running, screaming, wrestling, shouting, punching or pushing each other, the dog may get confused and not to be able to distinguish whether those actions are serious or not. If the dog consider these actions to be serious, it may interfere and injure a kid accidentally.
If kids are in the house and you are going to bring a Bullmastiff into your home, please read the following tips:

  • If you are planning to have kids and Bullmastiff under the same roof it is preferable to have babies firt, in this case the dog will take little boy or girl as an owner, there will be no jealousy.

  • Kids should know all the precautions when around the dog.

  • Tell kids not to disturb the Bullmastiff when it is sleeping.

  • Dogs have bad days and if it is not feeling well, a pulled ear that normally he ignored could this time end in a bite

  • It is obligatory to teach Bullmastiff to respect children, and children to respect the dog.

  • It is necessary to understand that these are large dogs, and even a playful swat with a paw can knock a kid over easily.

  • It is necessary to mind a Bullmastiff’s size when it is around kids. Accidents may and do occur. Even if a Bullmastiff simply turns its head quickly to one side this may lead to kid's fall or even worse.

  • The dog should have its own private territory where it can hide from everyone or simply have a rest.

  • Dogs are, like people, individuals, and one should not treat all Bullmastiffs alike.

  • Raise your dog accordingly, and use common sense.

  • You should not allow a Bullmastiff to raise itself. This breed needs guidance.

  • Always have conversations with kids if you see wrong behavior around the dog.

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