Best nutrition for pregnant dogs.

It is not a secret that pregnant dogs need special nutrition, especially as their whelping date comes closer. Though, there are general rules concerning this issue known all over the world, still it would be perfect if you consult a vet and receive medical advice from a professional. The vet will make specialized diet plan for your dog taking into account the peculiarities of the breed and age.

Dog Food

At the early stages of pregnancy, the dog should consume the same dog food she has eaten before and in the same amounts. The food should be of an excellent quality, well-balanced and should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Starting from the fourth week of pregnancy give your pet more high-calorie premium puppy food or performance food. The switch shouldn't be abrupt we recommend you to do it gradually. Remember that by dog's final week of pregnancy, she should eat only the high-calorie food.


A few words must be said about dog's water consumption during pregnancy. It is noticed that pregnant dogs can be really thirsty, and dehydration is very dangerous for pregnant dogs. That is why it is of high importance to provide your dog with free access to water.


We recommend to add supplements to your dog's food to be sure your pet gets all she needs to whelp healthy puppies. Sometimes supplements are not needed simply because a dog is healthy and eats premium dog food. If your vet insists on giving supplements to your dog then you should listen to his recommendations. Please, don't be overzealous when it concerns feeding your dog. Unusual foods or big amounts of it can cause many health problems from obesity to difficult and long delivery.


Pregnancy period of a dog is about 62 days. For about 30 days your dog should eat her normal serving each day. Starting from 30th day increase slightly the amount of food. 20-30 days before due date give your dog a tablespoon more food each week until she is consuming about 25 percent more food than usual. During final weeks of pregnancy puppies' growth is the most rapid that is why it is so essential to increase the meal size.

Final days before due date

Sometimes the dog doesn't want to eat the amount of food she has usually eaten. It can be simply explained by the fact that puppies have grown up to normal sizes and a dog that carry puppies doesn't feel like eating. This shouldn't be a concern unless the dog refuses to eat for several days.

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