Training your Bullmastiff. Articles about Bullmastiff. Part 3

What You Need to Know about Bullmastiff

Training your Bullmastiff. Tips for success

Tips for success training your Bullmastiff?

Quick Facts and Information

  • Weight: 100 to 130 pounds
  • Height: 24 to 27 inch
  • Life expectancy: from 8 to 10 years
  • Suffers from: hip dysplasia, tumors,eyelid problems, bloating, twisted stomach and skin allergies

Bullmastiff Traits

  • Fearless, strong, powerful, alert, and capable of great endurance.
  • Credo: love and devotion to the owner
  • Two smaller meals a day is better than one large meal
  • No supplemental vitamin C is allowed
  • Recognised by The American Kennel Club (1934)
  • Country of origin: England (1800s)

Bullmastiff Puppy Training. Key to success
Bullmastiff is big dog breed. It is the type of dog that is protective and loyal to its owners, as well as it can be unruly, aggressive, destructive, and sometimes even dangerous. It is highly recommended for prospective Bullmastiff dog owners to plan puppy training in advance in order to bring up well-trained, obedient, intelligent dog.
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How to train a Bullmastiff puppy to live in a cage
Many dog owners, professional trainers and veterinarians recommend dog cages to raise a puppy. The dog crate is a shelter for your pup. It is the place where he can hide from everyone and feel protected.
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Super effective dog training method
Many dog owners and trainers recommend to use reward training method. It is very popular and widely used. It is recognised as very effective method that has been used since dogs became domesticated animals.
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The most common training mistakes
Those dog owners who endlessly adore their pets will do just about anything for their dogs. They buy the dog quality organic food that will give them long lifespan, take them for early morning walks, groom them properly, give them lots of hugs and chew toys.
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Want an obedient dog?
Every owner wants a calm, obedient and devoted dog. Obedient and well-trained dog is not likely to attack people or other dogs. Society requires obedient dog and it is your responsibility to teach your dog to obey.
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Behavioral problems.
If you have opened this page then we will try to help you in this difficult and troublesome issue. Probably your dog does things of the kind:
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Teach your dog with the help of tricks.
Tricks are the best way to start introducing your pet to obedience lessons. Everyone adores a dog that can easily perform awesome tricks but the final goal is to have well-trained obedient dog that listens to his owner and consider him to be the only one leader.
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