Dog's Constipation. Ways to help your pet.

Dog's constipation is a condition in which a dog has difficulty passing stools, has incomplete bowel movements or has painful elimination of solid waste. There are many reasons of a dog's constipation starting from stress, diet changing up to some medications or even problems with digestive system. Note! Constipation shouldn't be left untreated, otherwise it may result in intestinal blockage. Of course a vet will order a treatment but an owner can help a dog to relieve symptoms and improve dog's health state. We suggest you reading a few natural remedies that will stop your dog's suffering from constipation:

Make your dog drink more water

A dog should always have access to clean, cool drinking water, especially when you are not around. This recommendation may really help if your dog suffers from severe constipation and you will prevent your dog from dehydration. Consider adding 1 to 2 oz. of milk, this can encourage your dog to drink. Note! Milk also helps to lubricate the colon, providing further benefit.

Analyze Stool

Look closely at your dog’s droppings and take a sample to your vet for a stool analysis. You should be worried if you see blood, mucus or tar-colored stools, immediately go to a vet clinic. Hard and dry stool indicates that your dog may be dehydrated. If you suspect that your dog has eaten garbage, rocks or small toys,  an X-ray is needed to ensure nothing has gotten lodged in your dog’s bowels.

Physical activity

Good bowel regularity can be maintained by physical exercises. Remember that if your dog is trained and play with you different games he will have functional bowel and normal weight.

High-Fiber Food may solve problem

If you want to cook for your pet by yourself it is very good. You should provide your pet with substantial amount of fruits and vegetables. If you don't have time for this and you prefer buying commercial dog food then you may look for high-fiber dog foods. Start by adding a few tablespoons to your dog’s food, then adjust up or down as you determine the measurements that help keep your dog regular. You can also add one-half to one teaspoon of olive or safflower oil to your dog's food, lubricating their insides can help stools travel easily through the intestine.

Give an enema to your dog

You can treat severe cases of constipation by administering an enema to your dog to help flush impacted fecal material from its bowels. Consult a vet before doing this at home. Sedative therapy will be required for a dog to stay calm and still through the procedure.

Do not underestimate stress impact

As we have already said stress can also be a cause of constipation you should try to keep your pet's emotions balanced. You can also make aromatherapy for your dog.