Bullmastiff Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

I searched several online vendors for a muzzle that would fit our 180 pound bullmastiff mix, Atticus. After ordering one stock muzzle that was supposed to fit, I returned it. Not only was it too small, but there was no way it would stay on Atticus. After carefully taking all the measurements requested for this muzzle, I placed my order. We received it last week, and I am very happy to say that it is a perfect fit. Also,the quality of the leather and metal components is exceptional for a product this affordable. Next time we take our boy to the clinic, we hope this will insure he is given proper treatment without the vets jumping in a panic. And oh yes, he can pant and drink from his water bowl with the muzzle on.

Paul Preto, 04/19/2015
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