If your Bullmastiff suffers from hair loss.

Every dog owner begins to worry when he notices bald spots on his dog's body. Hair loss and shedding are real concerns for those showing dogs as well as for the average pet owner. Before buying hair loss remedy formulated for human heads an owner should consider the fact that none of these substances have been put together with a dog’s sensitive skin in mind.
The same is true for those remedies that are being sold via the Internet. Ingredients of these remedies leave much to be desired, while others are completely useless remedies such as cornstarch and vitamin E lotion. They may not harm the dog but also they won't help to solve the problem.

Before going to a vet consider the information below.

  • Consider the seasons. It is possible that the hair loss might be seasonal and the dog is simply losing its winter fur? But! If there are big bald spots on the animal, this is probably more serious problem than you think and in this case a vet's consult is necessary.
  • Consider your dog's health. Has it been sluggish, eaten less, indifferent to playing as much as it did before? If you answered yes to these questions it is likely that your dog needs treatment. Hair loss in this case is a secondary symptom. It is of vital importance to find out what is wrong with the dog.
  • Mange? It is an infectious disorder mainly affecting domestic animals, characterized by itching, formation of papules and vesicles, and loss of hair: caused by parasitic mites. It shows up in small patches but can be treated quite easily and effectively if caught early.
  • Consider your pet's nutrition. Are you using the kind of food that is good for your dog? Is it cheap, generic store brand food or is it organic or high quality chow? You might need to give vitamins and minerals specially designed for dogs. It would be very good if you feed your dog organic food and homemade.
  • Allergy. Nowadays many dogs suffer from skin allergy. Take your dog to a vet. He will take a very good look at the entire animal and not just the affected area. If it is allergy you should understand that the bald spot you see today is just the beginning! It is well known that dogs may be allergic to the food. If you switching dog' fodder you may improve the situation.
  • Stress. May be it sounds weird to you but dogs, as humans, suffer from stress. If you recently brought home a new dog or if a child was born or if you change a place of living- these are factors that may change your pet.