Excellent Dog Tricks

Tricks are the best way to start introducing your pet to obedience lessons. Everyone adores a dog that can easily perform awesome tricks but the final goal is to have well-trained obedient dog that listens to his owner and considers him to be the only one leader. If you are tired of behavioral problems with your dog probably the reason is that your dog doesn't get enough attention from you. You should understand that all behavioral problems rise from inconsistent dog training or even absence of such.
Trick training sessions shouldn't be long and remember patience is what you will definitely need. If there are reasons not to start trick training you'd better to postpone it, e.g if either you or the dog are having a bad day, if the weather is not good. Your dog should associate trick training as something pleasant and enjoyable.

1. Useful obedience tricks

Obedience tricks are inalienable part of every dog ownership. Obedient dogs always listen to their owners and fully respect them and, therefore, dogs of the kind are easy to handle. Teaching your dog obedience tricks should not be boring for anyone. You may do teaching with the help of a game. Your dog will be able to learn and play together with his owner. It is a happiness for a pet. Many games can help to teach a dog to sit, stay, lay down and heel. Reward your dog with treats he likes but also keep your dog in firm control. Your dog must always remember who is the leader of a pack. General rule is: be loving and strict owner at the same time during obedience exercises.

2. Good practical tricks

Don't let your dog be just a doormat, train him properly. Your Bullmastiff is definitely smart and able to perform lots of practical tasks. Your dog may love to play a game of fetch, which can lead into the practical application of retrieval of any number of desired objects. It would be nice if your dog brings your slippers and the newspaper it also counts as practical trick training.

3. The best cute tricks

When you finish teaching your dog basic obedience skills, it is time to introduce endearing tricks such as roll over, give kisses and stand up. Bullmastiffs can do pretty good with cute tricks, do not give up if something goes not the way you planned, patience is what you need now. Every dog has its own personality. We also recommend to introduce cute tricks gradually one at a time, not all at once. Reward your dog when he succeeds and use a firm, loving hand when it does not obey.

4. Cool athletic tricks

Athletic trick training is perfect for such a large and energetic breed as Bullmastiff. Athletic tricks is fun for both a pet and an owner. Start with agility training with a few obstacles. You can set up some jumps, bridges and tunnels for your dog and encourage him to accomplish these obstacles. Agility equipment can be made or purchased.