Easy ways to get rid of fleas on Dogs.

Fleas make your pet's life awful. He itches all the time making deep scratches thus creating perfect conditions for skin allergies, inflammation and eventually infection. You probably notice that your dog becomes more and more irritated, stressed and aggressive. You can also have fleas because they will jump on you if you are near your dog. It is necessary to remember that summer is an especially bad time for fleas, but it doesn't mean that your dog doesn't need your care and protection during other seasons. There are many remedies on the market against dogs' fleas but do you really want to poison your true friend with all that chemicals commercial flea killers are stuffed with? Your pet deserves easy, natural and effective remedies to get rid of fleas. We are happy to tell you how it can be done.

  • Start with making a solution of  1/3 apple cider vinegar to 2/3 water. When you mix these ingredients you shampoo your pet with it and then rinse his whole body thoroughly. Then remove the rest of the water with a dry and soft towel. If you smell vinegar after this procedure you don't have to worry the smell will come out but if the smell doesn't go away for a long time repeat rinsing. Be sure after this procedure fleas will be gone. One more advantage of this remedy is that it is much cheaper and attenuated remedy than commercial one.
If it didn't help to get rid of fleas completely we suggest you reading other effective remedies against fleas:

  • You can add small amounts of garlic or brewer's yeast in your dog's diet. Note! Garlic should always be cooked raw garlic can be very dangerous for a dog. If properly cooked and served in small amounts you will benefit your dog's health, because garlic is effective against fleas but it helps with other ailments as well.
  • For this remedy you will need fresh lemon and a spray bottle. Cut up a lemon and seep it in 8 oz. of water for a day. Pour this liquid into a clean plastic spray bottle; spray the dog's coat. Believe us fleas will not like the smell. You, in your turn, will like freshness around your pet.
  • You may try to repel the fleas with the scent of lavender.  When shampooing your pet add a few drops of lavender essential oil to his shampoo bottle or its bath water.
  • Flea comb is also helpful in this situation. While combing your dog's coat immerse the comb into a bowl of soapy water to dislodge the fleas and proceed combing.
  • Remember that it is highly important to keep your dog bathed, groomed and healthy.
Bullmastiff has a short coat that is why it shouldn't be very difficult to get rid of fleas.