• Model: C33##1014 2 ply leather agitation collar with handle

Extremly comfy and high quality 2 ply leather agitation dog collar with handle for Bullmastiff breed

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Strongest 2 ply leather dog collar for training and walking your Bullmastiff

If you are an owner of a Bullmastiff you surely know that this kind of breed needs everyday physical exercises. Taking into consideration that a Bullmastiff is an incredibly powerful dog, our designers make all the equipment for this breed of high quality materials. You may be sure that all products you buy from our on-line store will serve for you and your dog many years without letting you down in stressful situations. On his page you can find information about Posh quality 2 ply leather Bullmastiff collar for various kinds of training and easy walking your pet.

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  • Bullmastiff quality 2 ply leather dog collarPosh design of leather collar for Bullmastiff
  • Bullmastiff dog collar rivtedMasterly designed collar for Bullmastiff breed

Key features of this Bullmastiff Collar:

  • pure leather of  impeccable quality
  • super strong
  • highly durable
  • easy adjustable
  • 2 ply leather
  • rust-resistant brass buckle and D-ring
  • fur protection plate for constant gorgeous look of your pet
  • soft grip handle for an owner's comfort

Intended use of this Bullmastiff Collar:

  • quality attack/protection training
  • effective obedience training
  • easy off leash training
  • always safe stylish walking
  • agitation training

Sizes available:

  • width - 45 mm ( 1 3/4 inch)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Please, make sure you read how to measure section to get the best fit collar and to avoid exchanges and other inconveniences.

How to measure your Dog for good fit Collar:

how to measure collar

Please be advised that:

  • Always measure your dog neck circumference with the flexible measuring tape.
  • Specify neck size of your dog and we will make this size fit on central hole.
  • There will be total of 5 holes and distance between each 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm).
  • For example: your dogs neck size is 20 inches (50 cm). Collar will fit on central hole at 20 inches (50 cm).
  • There will be 2 smaller size holes - 18 inch (45 cm) and 19 inch (47.5 cm).
  • There will be 2 bigger size holes - 21 inch (52.5 cm) and 22 inch (55 cm).
  • There will also be tip of the collar after last hole about 4 inch long (10 cm).
  • Those are handcrafted collars and some sizes will differ a little (not in significant way).
  • When you measure already received collar on the dog you have to measure the inner part of the collar with the flexible measuring tape.
  • 2 ply leather collars if measured laying flat on the table are 2 inch bigger than if measured on the dog.

Every Bullmastiff owner must have this amazingly looking dog collar. We recommend you to learn more about this high quality collar that will bring out your dog's style and ensure safety.

The key advantage of this collar is that it is made of the strongest leather. As we have already mentioned above, the collar is made of 2 ply leather, and this means it won't tear apart under any circumstances no matter what power your Bullmastiff has.

During exhausting agitation training you can control your pet with the help of soft grip handle. It is riveted for extra security of your pet. Brass buckle is also riveted. Note! Stitches no matter how tightly they are done are not able to provide safety as rivets do. We guarantee that both you and your four-legged friend will feel comfort using this collar. It is pleasant to wear, because the edges of the collar are polished. Your dog's neck is free from rubbing.

Stylish look of the collar will last longer because the edges won't fray, the hardware is rust-proof. Note! Please, provide appropriate maintenance of the leather product:

  1. do not wash it
  2. do not expose it to direct sunlights
  3. do not dry over or near radiators
  4. wipe with soft cotton cloth only
  5. use water-repellents for better look of your pet's collar
  6. though brass hardware is rust-resistant contacts with water are undesirable
Shiny healthy-looking fur of your Bullmastiff will be protected due to fur protection plate. We love dogs the way you do and want them to look magnificent every day. To this end, our designers always invent something new. Let your dog have amazing look with this collar and feel comfy wearing it!

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