Super effective dog training method.

Many dog owners and trainers recommend to use reward training method. It is very popular and widely used. It is recognised as very effective method that has been used since dogs became domesticated animals.

When training your dog by using reward method it is necessary to combine leash and collar training with reward training. This way it will be much more effective.

Sometimes a certain training method might work excellent for one particular dog, but not for another. Some dogs are motivated by reward training but others do not. For the latter dogs the leash/collar method will do perfectly. Dogs that respond well to reward training may not respond to leash/collar training at all. The majority of dogs prefer the golden mean.

Clicker training is one of the most popular methods of reward training. It does not work for every dog, but it is a highly useful method of training dogs. The essence of this method is that by teaching to associate a clicking sound with a positive reinforcement, such as a treat. When the dog does something right, the trainer clicks the clicker, then immediately offers the dog a treat. In time, the dog learns to react to the clicker only.

In reward training treat practically always means food. You will be able to teach your dog complex tricks or behaviors using this type of encouragement. An interesting fact is that trainers who trained dogs for famous movies used food-based reward training almost always.

When a dog is trained for police and military work the reward method is also used. Due to this method training in scent detection and tracking is very successful. This method will suit those who starts to teach the basic dog training commands.

It is very important for a dog to carry out a behavior without being handled. The point of the training is to get the dog to execute a behavior without any handling by the trainer.

Once the dog performed a command, it is rewarded with a positive reinforcement, such as a food treat.

It is important that dog be reliable when this kind of training method is used. If a dog is trained to do a serious job like police work or drug detection, outside distractions are to be expected. That is why it is of high importance to train the dog to work and be focused around diversions, as well as to socialize him with other animals and people.

Dog owners and trainers should know and always remember that process of training should be carried out both in quiet place like back yard where there are no disturbances and outside of dog's comfort zone.

You always should train your dog to pay attention to you. When you have the complete attention of the dog, you have total control over it. When done properly reward training is a very effective training method that helps to earn the respect and the attention of the dog.

A few words about treats:
  • Offer dog treats that your pet will relish and want more of.
  • Tempting treats will keep your dog's attention on you.
  • Treats that crumble to the floor will divert your dog's attention away from you.
  • Spice up the variety of dog treats you use to reward your dog. This will keep your dog interested in learning what makes you happy.

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