The most common training mistakes Bullmastiff owners make.

Those dog owners who endlessly adore their pets will do just about anything for their dogs. They buy the dog quality organic food that will give them long lifespan, take them for early morning walks, groom them properly, give them lots of hugs and chew toys. Spare neither strength nor resources for vet care. But with such enthusiasm to be good dog owners they sometimes make mistakes when it comes to training these little friends.

Here we mentioned mistakes that are commonly made by dog lovers. Please, read them and make the right conclusions for future.

  • The first common mistake that many dog owners make is that they expect to much of their dogs. You should not compare your dog to other dogs, especially when you witness the next-door neighbor's dog ability to perform an exciting dog trick. You should not expect your dog to perform the same tricks when your dog is smaller, younger or older.  Dogs are like people have a range of talents, experiences and abilities. Your dog may not have the same training skills like another dog has. A lot of time, patience and training, not to mention money, go into producing a well-trained dog.
  • Another mistake is to give up too quickly when a dog fails in training process. You should be patient. A dog needs time to understand what you want from him. You should also be experienced in terms of dog training. If you lack knowledge in this matter your dog may not succeed in training at all.
  • There is another very common mistake that dog owners make they are not consistent regarding commands household rules. When you are inconsistent, dogs can easily get confused and their performance will be poor. Please, mind that!
  • Sometimes a dog owner forgets to encourage his dog for good behavior and performance of a command. Note! It is necessary to use treats while training. If you only give your dog correction and not rewards your pet  won't see any reason in good behavior.

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