Nature of the Bullmastiff

In the course of time character of a bullmastiff changed for the better, it became more even-tempered and predictable. Breed  has adapted to a "civilization". Nowadays not onlyexperts may own this dog but also people who do not have profound knowledge of cynology. Today it is quite controllable and socialized breed, with peculiar features, of course.

An owner of the dog shouldn't expect and demand from a bullmastiff instant performance of commands — it is likely that the reaction will be thoughtful sluggishness.
They are friendly and tolerant to children. Credo of this breed  is love and devotion to the owner. The bullmastiff is ready to give its life for the owner if it is required.

The bullmastiff is a magnificent companion and guard dog. It is true, devoted and noble breed. It doesn't snarl without any reason, doesn't bite and barks only in case of emergency.

This kind of breed can be kept in open-air cageas well as in the city apartment. The bullmastiff doesn't feel cold on the street thanks to a thick skin and very dense, skintight hair. It attracts little attention when kept in the apartment. It doesn't leave saliva all over the apartment. The bullmastiff is unobtrusive and doesn't demand special attention from an owner.  
Quiet, steady and self-restrained nature of this breed allows a dog quickly and precisely to assess a situation and to make the correct decision.

The bullmastiff treats kindly other dogs, that lives in a family of the owner. It is tolerant towards cats, willingly takes part in family joy games. Children are the best friends of the bullmastiff.

Distinctive feature of all bullmastiffs is that all of them feel mood of the owner, understand it from the first gesture. They are at ease if all gathered together 'cause it is easier for them to watch and protect all around. And they are disturbed if someone is missing especially if it is the owner.

Nevertheless it is necessary to understand that each bullmastiff is unique dog with its own temper. The provided description gives only the general information on nature of this breed.

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